Thursday, June 25, 2009

Selamat Datang di desa Ema

The town of Ema is located in the hills of Ambon and is accessible only by foot.  The Leimena's originated here and remain here in large numbers.  This was a life changing moment that the locals said will bring me good fortune for the rest of my life.  I learned more about my history in two hours here than I have ever known.  All of the Indonesians in these images with the exception of the young boy are Leimenas.  They welcomed us with open arms and showed me the true meaning of hospitality.  This day will go down as one of the most meaningful days in my life.  It is worth more than one post so stay tuned for more to come.

From top to  bottom:
1.  My relatives showing me their version of the family tree
2.  "Oma" Leimena
3.  The "road" to Ema
4.  The Ema version of a barbed wire fence
5.  Squatting
6.  An Ema boy who thinks he has seen the World's tallest ghost
7.  Ema


honeybeeeee said...

wow wow wow wow wow
i can't wait to hear about all of this in person.
you're so talented. i've been bragging about you.
your mother is going to LOVE that shot of Peter.
i hope you're on skype tonight, i'll be waiting this time.

Elizabeth Ann said...

Thanks for keeping us all posted. I have been enjoying stalking you while you are on this journey. I am so happy for you that you are having such a profound life experience. See you soon...